Does Iloilo City really have a Festival of Lights?

Well, I’m being apolitical as hard as I can but I can’t understand why we need to give a special name for lighting up the City this Christmas. Really. I mean, who does not know that every Christmas we have something? Even our Muslim brothers in the City know that and understand the majority of… Continue reading Does Iloilo City really have a Festival of Lights?

Daw wala lang sila ga-celebrate Christmas ba…

Well, my title means, “It seems like they’re not celebrating Christmas.” Who are they? They are my fellows here in the Philippines. Here in Iloilo. If I said that last year’s Christmas was not that fine, I was taken aback. I may consider this year far “worse” that Christmases before. This isn’tThese aren’t the usual… Continue reading Daw wala lang sila ga-celebrate Christmas ba…

Post It Notes

Yeah, like I’m referring to those 3M papery things. I really love to post and post and post but I don’t have many things ti boast and boast and boast. So what will I do? I’d be adventurous enough to know the answer. Take this pic for example: Only a desperate dude would this. (take… Continue reading Post It Notes

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Pototan Iwag 2010

I’m so happy! Last night, Dec. 16, 2010, I went with my gf’s family. They went to see the opening of the Pototan, Iloilo’”s Iwag 2010. Yeah! “Iwag” basically means “light” in Hiligaynon/Hiniraya. Well, this celebration celebrates Christmas or Paskwa in a way that brightens up the lives of the people. This celebration turns lights… Continue reading Pototan Iwag 2010

Christmas from a manger

It is quite interesting to note that while I am a depressed and aspiring blogger, I am also a Sunday school teacher. What’s best in being a Sunday school teacher is that you become a child yourself. Not childish. It’s the Christmas season and what do we have in mind for this day? Well, isn’t… Continue reading Christmas from a manger

Twitter, twitter, twitter…

I was never so into the Internet even though I constantly check on my facebook account. I was a busy church worker, a busy student, and a “busy-busy”. My girlfriend told me she was the one who introduced me to twitter. But see my tweets on . This is like BOMB! My only wish… Continue reading Twitter, twitter, twitter…