The First and Twelfth Doctors in the TARDIS!

Since I started watching Doctor Who a few years ago, Christmas became more exciting. Of course, Christmas in itself is special for me especially its religious context. You will find various articles about Christmas on this blog. Doctor Who, a family sci-fi series from the UK, would have Christmas specials since it came back in… Continue reading The First and Twelfth Doctors in the TARDIS!

100 days before Christmas 2017

Well, there’s only 100 days before Christmas this year. And if you’ve read my post about Filipino Christmases, you would know that we celebrate the season for months. For others, today marks their true countdown for the celebration. And if this early Christmas festivities can take away all the bad things that we experienced this… Continue reading 100 days before Christmas 2017

Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

It’s nearly September and you know how we Filipinos celebrate Christmas. We celebrate a long holiday season starting September 1st and may even extend up to the first weeks of January of the next year. However, despite this advance start of the celebration, we are still prone to be late in buying gifts! Instead of… Continue reading Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

Filipino Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays for Four Months

It’s nearly September and your friends might be sharing this meme for several hours on the first. In the early days of online social media, Filipinos would post Christmas messages at exactly 12:00 AM of the said day. But nowadays, people would make fun of this overly-advance holiday spirit and place Jose Mari Chan’s face… Continue reading Filipino Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays for Four Months

Christmas, Where are You?!?

Honestly, I feel like Pasko/Paskwa/Navidad/ShengDan/Noel/Christmas never came by and greeted me this past December. People were unhappy, distressed, and saw Christmas as a burden that left the season to be easily forgotten. But what happened, really? On the eleventh day of Christmas, I came by this Belen/Nativity Scene at a close friend’s house and kinda… Continue reading Christmas, Where are You?!?

Many days of Christmas!

After all, people agree that December 25 isn’t the real date of Christmas. I was very busy these past days and I really missed posting on this blog. REal thing! I almost forgot my password because of those activities! Whew! But I love what I was doing. I’ve been to three Christmas celebrations (yeah, starting… Continue reading Many days of Christmas!

A Buko Shake Christmas

One wonder I behold in our local market is the consistency of new kiosks and stalls selling things you can imagine. From the Php 12.00 hotdogs to the so-called “Shwarma Rice”, our market has it all! Even though this product is not new especially to the Philippines, the idea of having a buko stall is… Continue reading A Buko Shake Christmas

Daw wala lang sila ga-celebrate Christmas ba…

Well, my title means, “It seems like they’re not celebrating Christmas.” Who are they? They are my fellows here in the Philippines. Here in Iloilo. If I said that last year’s Christmas was not that fine, I was taken aback. I may consider this year far “worse” that Christmases before. This isn’tThese aren’t the usual… Continue reading Daw wala lang sila ga-celebrate Christmas ba…

Christmas from a manger

It is quite interesting to note that while I am a depressed and aspiring blogger, I am also a Sunday school teacher. What’s best in being a Sunday school teacher is that you become a child yourself. Not childish. It’s the Christmas season and what do we have in mind for this day? Well, isn’t… Continue reading Christmas from a manger