A Buko Shake Christmas


One wonder I behold in our local market is the consistency of new kiosks and stalls selling things you can imagine. From the Php 12.00 hotdogs to the so-called “Shwarma Rice”, our market has it all!

Even though this product is not new especially to the Philippines, the idea of having a buko stall is kinda unique in a way. Plus, they sell these shakes with flavors. Then, you have the option of putting it in a plastic cup or plastic bottle. Yeah, and they look like these:

But, thinking over, because of these buko shakes (or buco whichever you prefer) made a Christmas for me. I came to realize that a simple thing as a coconut shake is better than hams or turkey for Christmas if you are not happy spending for it.

Another thing, its milky, sweet, and delicious. You should try buco/buko shake guys! 😉


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