Many days of Christmas!


After all, people agree that December 25 isn’t the real date of Christmas.

I was very busy these past days and I really missed posting on this blog. REal thing! I almost forgot my password because of those activities! Whew!

But I love what I was doing. I’ve been to three Christmas celebrations (yeah, starting from the 24th) and it’s very tiring.

But I still am disturbed of other Ilonggos roaming our city. Daw wala sila nalipay nga Paskwa na. When you look at their faces, it’s as if it’s Lent.

And the lights. THE LIGHTS!!! Most of them are already off and destroyed because of the weather. ;(

My only wish is that all people, Christians or not, will consider the true meaning of Christmas. God bless you readers… 😉

Nativity Scene



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