Try watching “Wiling Willie” with Shalani as Co-Host…


I admit it, our family missed watching Willie Revillame on TV. My dad loves him! He even says that though he may speak profanity some other time, he is still the best hope-giver on television. There is no doubt in that.

Well, it kinda disturbed me that I read a tweet that “Pilipinas Win Na Win” will be defunct soon and its timeslot be replaced with “Showtime”. It may be a coincidence but we have a vacation for three days here in Racso’s Woodland, Guimbal, Iloilo and our room has a cable TV connection. Too bad TV5 isn’t available in our regular TV stations in the city.

We were surprised that Willie’s show is on the eveningĀ time slot. Man, he still have the charms and the guts of a TV host and he does give a lot of prizes! Whoohoot for that!

I am just happy that even though I don’t see him on the channel we frequently watch, ABS-CBN, he still has the heart and the capabilities of giving the need and want of some people.

It’s just weird that Shalani Soledad is co-hosting. She is beautiful but she is very formal. But dad says she will just develop in the future. Talk about showbiz! My dad sees it a lot!

šŸ˜‰ Godspeed…


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