Food not Foods!


I saw a sign at a resort we are staying at here in Guimbal. It goes like this: “No Foods and Drinks Allowed.” I truly appreciated this sign. Man, it is an honest mistake and they got away and corrected it. Big time!

It isn’t an unusual thing if Filipinos do any mistakes in the English grammar. I am always wondering why we Filipinos try hard to speak and write as grammatically correct as possible while natural-born English speakers do as they are pleased.

But this post isn’t about English or grammar. This is about our adventure to look for the right restaurant to eat at!

The resort we stayed at offered food at VERY EXPENSIVE rates as possible. BIG TIME PLUS! Try it here! So my dad asked me where to eat instead. Since I attend school at Miagao, Iloilo (it’s a town in Southern Iloilo if any of you guys doesn’t know) and I happen to see restaurants along the way. So I told him to go to Miagao. We are staying at Guimbal and it’s about 9 km away.

And we happen to pass by this interesting resto. It’s called, “Hilltop Seafood and Manokan” and it is really on top of a hill or maybe mountain. hehe

We ordered a lot of FOOD! Not FOODS! Yeah, nonsense, right? But their oysters are awesome. And that thing they called “Seafood Plate”. Plus the Bihon/Canton we thought serves 2-3 persons. We still have leftovers!

I wish mommy and mamee were with us. Godspeed. 😉


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