Christmas, Where are You?!?


Honestly, I feel like Pasko/Paskwa/Navidad/ShengDan/Noel/Christmas never came by and greeted me this past December. People were unhappy, distressed, and saw Christmas as a burden that left the season to be easily forgotten. But what happened, really?

On the eleventh day of Christmas, I came by this Belen/Nativity Scene at a close friend’s house and kinda challenged me to post something about the Nativity. And to add a “Christmas” subcategory at my categories list.

This is one Nativity Scene I love to see! This may be an extravagant one and shadow off the essence of the manger scene but look closer;

What are those two persons doing in front of the Christ-child? They were at ease! They were worshiping! I can see peace in their faces for peace is before them.

Isn’t this the essence of Christmas?

Looking for Christmas? See your heart. If there’s peace because of Jesus Christ then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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