Eating Out With Two of Us Sick


Last Sunday night, me and my younger brother Gerrit are sick. I am feverishly fevering with fever while he howls and coughs like tomorrow never comes. It just so happened that there was a beautiful soul who came and invited us out! So, the three of us (me, Gerrit, and the beautiful soul) together with my daddy invaded the city streets in search for a restaurant or anything to eat at,

I’m here to tell you that I love telling stories about food as much as how I love food! Food not foods! Ha!

It was very hard deciding where we will eat since we have a little scarce small-small budget and it was a little bit late. (7:00 pm would be a late hour for a Sunday.) We thought over Mang Inasal, Jolibee, Crave, blah blah but still came up with, PECHO-PAK!

Hehehe… Really, my family loves eating at Pecho-Pak. I don’t know if they will get mad with me posting it here but since we transferred to our house at La Paz (a district of Iloilo City), we were like a regular customer on one of their branches there, visiting at least twice a month. I don’t know what’s with their food but we just keep on returning there. Considering my father grew at Bacolod City (another city in the Philippines) where Jo’s Chicken Inato came from and with the new type of inasalan experience given by Mang Inasal, it is quite REMARKABLE that we keep on returning there.

“Pecho-Pak” simple means “breast-wing” in Hiligaynon/Ilonggo (the dialect of Iloilo) which is the bigger serving of chicken inasal (inasal is barbecue). I love promoting things! Ha!

If anybody of you there visits the Ilonggo sphere (it’s the Western Visayas area where people are called Ilonggos because of the common dialect/language) you need to try the local inasal of each area you visit. Iloilo inasal greatly differs from that of Negros (the island).

We ordered a little bunch of food considering our budget but it was okay. We were very full afterwards.

We also ordered soup. A basic sumptuous Filipino would consist of: rice, main course, and soup. That’s already an extravagant course. The soup we ordered was Bulalo or the soup with a big piece of bone marrow (what? I’m talking like I’m not a Filipino! )

We spent more or less 600 Philippine pesos together with our softdrinks. This restaurant may not be your type but I recommend it for you if ever you have a chance to visit Iloilo City. Dinagyang is coming as of the time of this writing! Don’t forget, try our inasal! 😉 Happy eating…

Pecho-Pak has branches at Quezon St., Iloilo City and Lopez-Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City.

How about I give cooking recipes here? Any reactions? 😉


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