Exactly half of the year is now over. List 10 things you want to do before 2012 begins.


1. Try to save money for the coming Christmas celebration.

2. Study hard to pass, even just the First Semester of my BS Biological Science course.

3. Start the business my girlfriend and I was planning to have since February.

4. Write a DIY book for a change.

5. Become a staff writer for any publication.

6. Visit and acquaint an indigenous tribe here in the Philippines with my girlfriend.

7. Hope and pray that everything will be alright until December.

8. Be of great use to everyone by doing things they want me to do.

9. Pacify all the chaos I have brought upon this world and fill it with love.

10. Read a blog or two before 11:59 of December 31 and say hello to 2012.

Yeah… These are my plans. 😉


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