Harry Potter and the Mystery of my Sudden Growth 1


I grew up just like any child in the world that was born during the 1980s-1990s period watching loads of fantasy films ranging from animation to live ones since this was the era of the ever-changing technology of graphics and the CGI and also the better availability of books in print that eventually one-by-one turned into movies. (At least not all of them did.)

In Kindergarten, I have seen ‘The Karate Kid’ and imitated what the actor, Ralph Macchio, did in the movie. That 80s film was not a fantasy, and it is of common knowledge that unbelievable things really stick to the minds of poor human beings.

I then came to enjoy ‘Power Rangers’ and a lot of other things. But the impact that was made by a certain movie led to a greater movement in lifestyle, mania, and business and redefined the world of CGI and fantasy literature to the next level.

J.K. Rowling, the one who started it all.

Harry Potter, a novel series authored by J.K. Rowling, is the cause I am referring to. Her story ultimately redefined my life as a person, although I can say not only mine but also of the other millions worldwide.

But seriously speaking, the majority of Filipinos do not have the desire to read. The Harry Potter books were not that famous back then, even though distributed throughout the country. We needed the movie to come out before becoming official Potheads!

The first film featured a ‘banged’ Dan Radcliffe. This face would become my most envied one for years!The Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (released here in the Philippines as “…the Sorcerer’s Stone” to stress out the “American” status of the Filipinos) started airing their trailers in local media, and I easily became engorged with the idea of a boy with magical powers. I was 9 years old then, and magical powers seemed very important to me.

I will be talking about HP’s relevance to my life, and I start by confessing some embarrassing epochs of my life. I started to copy Radcliffe’s hairstyle. Add to it the presence of my eyeglasses, and I do feel good when people call me ‘Harry Potter.’ I tried hard to imitate Rupert Grint’s smirk and even played with my dad’s billiard cue pretending it to be my wand, pointing at anything while uttering, “Wingardium leviosa!”

When the movie came out, I watch it, and I was primarily thrilled and became excited about the story. My classmates and I talk about the story in our classroom about how tall Hagrid was. We wanted to have a snow owl for a pet. We all talked about that three-headed dog that guards the stone.

So, what about my Christianity? What did Harry Potter do to that?


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