What were the must-have toys when you were a kid?


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When I was still a child, I was not picky, and my parents trained me not to ask for anything if we don’t have enough money to buy them. At least they tell me we have no money nut I soon realized that this reason is for me to understand the priorities from those that aren’t.

But despite this fact, I still have preferences concerning toys when I was a kid. I remember staring tearfully at the toys of my siblings, saying that they are not even half the price and durability of my must-have toys. Yeah, I have not demanded toys from my parents before, but here are the toys that I asked for that were bought and given to me on Christmas or my birthday.

1. Slinky

Everybody wants a Slinky!

This must-have toy was one that I really envied with my playmates. I remember even breaking someone’s Slinky just to have revenge because I was not given one. Finally, while I was 6 years old, I was given a Tupperware brand one, and I played it until I lost it because of overplaying! http://www.poof-slinky.com/

2. Yo-yo

Yo-yo, Filipino!

Wikipedia says Yo-yo, and the word “yo-yo” came from the Philippines, but this was not the reason I took interest and developed the love for yo-yo. I think I liked it because you can also use it like nunchaku and look like a Chuck Norris rip-off. Mah! The important thing is, this yo-yo was a must-have for me years ago.

3. Lego


This would be my favorite toy until now, even though I do not have any as of this writing. Kids have an expansive imagination, and I think I also have one. LEGO would later make me realize I was not fit enough to be a carpenter. ;( http://www.lego.com/en-us/Default.aspx

4. Power Rangers Character Toys

I have a set of these toys years ago plus their zords. These zords form into the bigger one that has a sword on the one hand. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers left a great legacy to my childhood, and I will never forget how I needed them as a kid to play with.

5. Beyblade

Go, shoot!

I remember this toy very well. I just had to have it. I was the first to bring the Beyblade to our class, and I was also the last to play it before classes end. What a mess! haha

6. Play-Doh

This one is something that I really adored up to my early teenage years. I remembered buying a set from a department store that really resembled the image above. I had played it until my first year in high school. This toy has several benefits for children, too! http://www.hasbro.com/playdoh/

7. Crush Gear

The Crush Gear was a toy that was referenced by a Japanese Anime with the title Crush Gear Turbo (激闘! クラッシュギアTURBO Gekitō! Kurasshugia Tābo) that became a hit here in the Philippines about 8 years ago. The game that utilizes the toy has somewhat the same idea as the Beyblade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crush_Gear_Turbo

8. Brick Game

Tetris is a game of gifts that, perhaps, is one of the greatest things the Soviet Union had to offer the world. They come in handy mobile-like gadgets that let you play other types of “brick games,” including snake and car racing. http://www.tetris.com/

9. Family Computer

‘Di lang pambata, pampamilya pa! (Not only for children, for the whole family, too!)

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), commonly known as the “Family Computer,” was the PlayStation from the 80s up until the late 90s. I had to have several “tapes” before, and I begged to buy more of them. Unfortunately, I only had three tapes, including Super Mario Bros. http://web.archive.org/web/20071020045136/http://www.nintendo.com/systemsclassic?type=nes

10. Aluminum Foil

Hey, we’re talking about must-have toys when I was a kid. My mom tells me a story about when day when I discovered that when you play with the aluminum foil, it sounds, and you can use it to form things unimaginable. That day, we were scheduled for a photoshoot, and they needed to take the foil from us. They told me I cried the whole day and just stopped when they gave me another piece. That’s a true must-have toy!

I tried to be humorous and serious while writing this post, but I still am an amateur blogger, so please forgive me for any flaws. 😉


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