New Generation Bills – Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas


Again, I present the new generation of Philippines bills. I deleted the post I did back then. Here, I’m posting the pics again.

My opinion against it is still intact. Euro design, USDollar security, Photoshop layout, and poor scientific research. Add to that the insult to the Philippine writing, baybayin, which was presented half and half. ?????

2-piso obverse
2-piso reverse
50-piso obverse
50-piso reverse
100-piso obverse
100-piso reverse
200-piso obverse
200-piso reverse
500-piso obverse
500-piso reverse
1000-piso obverse
1000-piso reverse
How about you, what’s your opinion on these bills’ design? Me, I’m still waiting for the design of the coin. I hope I’ll be amused.


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