Jumping and Kicking


Oh wow. Saw the date of my last post? Yeah. It was eons away, and I am just ashamed that I dared start a blog then forget about it. This should have been my online diary. But these months just took a toll on me. Biology stuff is painstaking. But persistence is a virtue.

While problems allowed me to stumble, especially last month, I also had an enlightening experience. I was encouraged to see God in all things. I don’t know if that can ring something in your mind, but that line changed me.

On this note, I come to my recent realization about myself. I became hooked with the Kamen Rider franchise of Toei. Of course, everybody knows about Masked Rider Black, but very few (especially here in Iloilo) remember Blade and Ryuki, which were also shown here in the Philippines.

Kamen Rider Ichigo
Kamen Rider Ichigo

The demographic of the series are children. Maybe that is one reason that I was enamored in watching it. I began with Den-O, then with Kiva, Decade, back to Kuuga, Agito, and now Ryuki. One may ask, why would I waste my time on this childish Japanese series? Well, I did have lessons learned from watching the series.

First, I learned about respect and values. I recognize that each culture is superb in its values, but the Japanese overtook their respect for others. Bowing is not just being Oriental. It is giving oneself to somebody in a friendly and respectful way. It’s like telling some, “Hi! I am bowing because I respect you as a person.” The funny thing is that I just keep bowing to people, not realizing that this act is somewhat laughable here in Iloilo.

I don’t know where the impulse came from, but I just can’t help bowing anymore.

Second, I learned to appreciate simple things. Since the Kamen Rider franchise is targeted at young audiences, characters tend to show affection and devotion to even the most minute thing in any episode. This made me realize that I, too, can see like how their eyes see. I came to appreciate things more than ever.

Third, I learned a striking exhibition of humbleness. The Kamen Riders fight with all their might, risking their lives for what they believe is true. And they do it under their masks. Having a mask is not cowardice, after all. It may just be a way to hinder others from praising and idolizing you, which can make you look up to yourself even more.


Fourth, I learned how to value and encourage imagination. In modern times, elders usually tell children to be less imaginative and follow what this world is dictating. Did it come to you how the Japanese are still making movies and shows with kaijin? This can exercise the imaginative mind of their children, making them open to anything in the future.

Finally, I learned how, as a living person, I should live. Kamen Riders usually have “Rider Jump” and “Rider Kick” as their hissatsu attacks. It just came to me that isn’t jumping and kicking two ways that define a living person? If one jumps or kicks, it ultimately means they are alive. I realized that I was not jumping and kicking for so long. I became a boring person. I needed to change myself for good.

So that’s it. I just felt the urge to express what I feel in words. I am just happy that I’m living today and that I have earned a new philosophy in life.

Hey, if you reached this line, I really owe you for reading this entire composition. I hope I could write again soon. May your brain juices overflow!


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