That’s a refreshing word for asthma people like me.

I started this blog several years ago to vent my feelings and express my freedom (which is quite an abused reason to write nowadays) as a writer wannabe. But look how long it took for me to write this entry. I remembered trying to keep up with the surge of blogs about three years ago. I needed to update this because I have some followers. I know they’re nowhere now, and I did not expect even you to read this, no matter who you are.

My last entry before this is dated July 21, 2013. It has been more than two years, and many things have changed. Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has ravaged the country (which is coincidentally remembered this weekend). I finally visited Mindanao last year. I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology this year.

I must say my attitude and condition while writing my former post are quite far from what I have right now. I feel sad that two years after Haiyan left a scar on us, we are still in the process of recovery. I feel confused, considering my next visits to Mindanao were in great contrast from what I felt the first time I smelled their air. I feel helpless that despite getting my degree, I’m still floating as of 1:15 am this morning.

Far from the childish action-filled person I was two years ago, I’m now a tired 23-year old man weary of the demands of this life, tired from the journey towards my dream, exhausted of the trials that I have encountered. No, of course, I still have time to be happy. I have a loving family. I have an extremely supportive girlfriend. I have new friends and acquaintances to celebrate. I have new fandoms to enjoy. But at 12:00 midnight, you can’t help but feel the strain of everything around you.

Maybe writing again might just be the answer to this weariness. But aside from this, I know that you must try and surrender at one point in your life after feeling so tired. Not that you’re giving up the fight. You’re just giving up your own strength for Someone greater to offer you His. Krystal Meyers got it right in this song:

Thanks for reading. I Will be writing more kon may tiyempo ah. 🙂


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