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It’s nearly September and you know how we Filipinos celebrate Christmas. We celebrate a long holiday season starting September 1st and may even extend up to the first weeks of January of the next year. However, despite this advance start of the celebration, we are still prone to be late in buying gifts!

Instead of avoiding the Christmas rush, which often includes heavy traffic, high influx of customers, long queues for payment, we often opt to buy for gifts just a few days before Christmas itself. And everyone knows this is a big hassle to everyone!

Everyone has their own reasons for buying their gifts that late. Some would wait for the malls’ massive sale and avail of discounts for the gifts that they buy. Some would argue that they are working hard so that they could have enough funds to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. But most of us could attest that we sometimes skip early Christmas shopping because we find it hard to choose the gifts to buy!


Christmas shopping demands our meticulous side

Gifts are for people who are special. That is why there’s a need to make them special, too!

Most Filipinos who grew up celebrating Christmas often have good memories of the holidays. Almost everyone across the social strata has received Christmas gifts when they were young. That is why gift-giving is kind of a big deal for us. This is the time that most of us bring out our meticulous side and find the best gifts to give! However, most of the time, this tends to delay us in buying the best gifts, leading us to resort to getting what is available prior to our gift-giving Christmas parties.

I have many experiences in this situation. I always want to show my artistic and attentive side during the Yuletide season. But being battered with the dilemma between choosing a cheap gift and choosing pricey item will just lead me to buy for my gifts at Christmas Eve! And the worst part here is that you will never know if your recipient will like your gift or not.

Of course most of the time, gift recipients will be happy with what they get. We hate to admit it but sometimes we overthink and might feel embarrassed because of the gifts we gave. Here are some tips to skip the embarrassment guilt:


Plan your gifts in advance

The early bird catches the worm. But how about those who are early by a few months? The fattest worm, perhaps?

It is better to over prepare than to feel sorry for your gifts! Experts suggest that businesses should plan their holiday events and decorations as early as July. Hey, gift-giving is a serious business, too! Why not try planning for your gifts early. You might even have the chance to weed your list! 🙂


Show off your creative side

One question to answer before considering this: 1. Are you creative?

Nothing does it better than gifts that shout of effort. Be creative and opt for do-it-yourself gifts this holiday season. DIY projects usually cost cheaper than store-bought gifts. More than just saving, you also have the opportunity to show that you value that person by your gift. Now, if only we have the time to do them…


Give food as gifts

Channel out your Gordon Ramsay and give out food this Christmas! Sans the potty mouth, of course.

Foods are another fool-proof gift for the meticulous giver. You have your lola and mama to ask for recipes. No time to ask them? Recipe books and magazines are now cheaply sold. Also, have you forgotten the interwebs? Search for the best gourmet gift to offer! But if you still doubt…


GC Regalo to the rescue!

This is the most foolproof and most hassle-free gift method on this list! Thankfully, the power for the perfect gift is now within our grasp! Gift certificates will not only give you your time to enjoy the holidays, it will also give your recipient the freedom to choose the gift that he or she wants for him- or herself!

If you’re thinking this removes the personal touch for your gift ideas, that is where you’re wrong! You will not only help your recipient to choose the best gift, you also make sure that that gift will be useful and will be appreciated.

GC Regalo is here to help you in your gift idea needs. Take advantage of their products from SM Malls and Sodexo which gives your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even business partners and employees a wide variety of choice to spend their GCs on.

Their Sodexo Gift Certificate allows your receivers to avail their gifts in thousands of establishments here and abroad!


Since you can find SM Malls anywhere in the country, you will be sure that the SM Gift Certificate that you give will go a long way!


Your choice of either the SM Gift Certificate or Sodexo Certificate can be used to buy various gifts from apparel to bags and even your recipient’s food for Noche Buena and Media Noche! If you’re an employer, you may even give out these GCs as employee rewards in addition to their bonuses for a better Christmas cheer!

What’s better is that you can give these gift certificates whatever the celebration is. A fool-proof and hassle-free gift idea for all seasons is now here for you!


Final thoughts

Christmas is just one of the many joyous celebrations that we, Filipinos, celebrate with all our hearts. Gift-giving is also a universal act of spreading your love and care to other. Why not try these gift ideas for his Christmas and for all occasions you can think of!

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