100 days before Christmas 2017

Well, there’s only 100 days before Christmas this year. And if you’ve read my post about Filipino Christmases, you would know that we celebrate the season for months. For others, today marks their true countdown for the celebration.

And if this early Christmas festivities can take away all the bad things that we experienced this year up to this point, I know most of us would gladly have them.

We would rather celebrate. Of course, just see what we have:


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The Rise of Human Rights issues in the Philippines. The country is still under the war on drugs and many are dying as collateral damage.
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The USA was ravaged by two hurricanes. Some Filipinos overseas were also affected.
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The Government’s Budget. Netizens slammed Congress after they passed that the Commission on Human Rights will be given only Php 1,000.00 for their budget next year. The constitution is now reviewed by most citizens.
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Marcos’ 100 Birth Anniversary. The late dictator was given a special celebration following his 100th birth anniversary, with the Malacañang even giving him a special holiday in Ilocos.
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iPhone X launch. Now, owners of old iPhones will strive to get this model and may starve themselves because of this.

And more. Conflicting opinions clash about these topics. We cannot blame others who would rather think of happy things than to ponder on these. But it does not mean they will not be discussed. They must be discussed in an intelligent way.

More than just a mode of diverting our attention, Christmas must teach us the gift of the season: HOPE. Let us continue to hope that our world will survive until all of these will pass.

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