New Henshin Belt Owner: Kamen Rider Build!



I have previously posted my fascination for the Kamen Rider series of Toei. It is one of the most iconic Japanese TV shows and has inspired many other shows with the same format and the transformation feature in fighting evil.

Well, the franchise is not as famous as the Super Sentai shows who gained world fame after it was imported into the US as the Power Rangers. Still, these two shows were created by the same genius, Shotaro Ishinomori, a manga artist whose creativity changed lives around the world.

Who wouldn’t want those awesome stethoscopes! And talk about treating patients while playing games!

The latest series in the franchise has been released in Japan. Prior to this, they had a doctor-themed Kamen Rider (Ex-Aid), which eventually made me fall again for the series. However, I am yet to finish that series.

Very promising, and I am so excited about this.

The latest version is called Kamen Rider Build, which has the following synopsis:

10 years ago, the “Pandora Box” was found on Mars. On Earth, it created walls that divided Japan into Touto (Eastern Capital), Hokuto (Northern Capital) and Seito (Western Capital) and brought along the Smash, unidentified lifeforms that attack people. Sento Kiryu, prodigy physicist, transforms into Kamen Rider Build to fight the Smash. The Touto government requests his help in deciphering the mystery behind the Pandora Box and the Smash. There is one mystery not even Sento can solve: his own past. The only memory he has left of more than 20 years is the existence of a sinister figure called, Night Rogue. There is one man who holds the key to Sento’s memories. A prison escapee by the name of Ryuga Banjo, who adamantly denies committing the murder he is accused of. Misora Isurugi who works with Sento, has the ability to purify the harmful components the Smash are made of. Sento transforms into Kamen Rider Build in order to uncover the mystery surrounding the Pandora Box, the Smash and his amnesia.

They said that this version would return to the old format of Heisei riders, doing away with the often-regarded repetitive storyline. It would also have a more serious tone.

Still, I can’t believe that this is the 19th Kamen Rider in the Heisei era! I can still remember watching the Tagalog-dubbed Kamen Rider Black back when I was a child. Another interesting thing is that this would be the last Kamen Rider for the Heisei era as the current emperor of Japan will be abdicating his throne in 2019. Also, it will be celebrating the 80th birth anniversary of Shotaro Ishinomori.

See the trailer for the series below:


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