Celebrating Christmas in 2017

I was not able to write anything for weeks because things bugged me a lot. I got myself into semi-seclusion, cried myself to sleep for various school-related woes I had, and disturbingly ate lots of food to compensate my self-inflicted period of depression. And so, too, started my Christmas season.

It’s surprising for a Christmas junkie like me would be quite sad in December. I admit this is not the first Christmas that would be bittersweet. But generally, this season brings out a peculiar joy that could only be felt in December.

Filipinos are real Christmas people. Here in our city, we started hearing Christmas songs in malls as early as September 1. Decorations followed and soon schedules for Christmas sales were displayed. However, the Christmas joy that I usually feel is nowhere to be found. Instead, I found people succumbing to poverty, salarymen weary of their jobs, parents smug of their children’s Christmas gift requirements, and forced festival attitude.

I really do hope that this is me growing up and feeling the weariness and stress that the world has for me. I have been discussing this with friends with me longing for that Christmas magic to come back and blow me away. But as observed (and so, my personal opinion), more and more people seem to long for this and has noticed the loss of the Christmas traditions they enjoyed for the past years.

Of course, I’m not saying this is universal. Perhaps I am saying this from the point of view of a Christian celebrating Christmas who grew up enjoying the holidays. But as it is still the 25th here, I hope I still get to be in the same spirit of celebration as before.

Anyway, as a Christian, the center of this celebration is the birth of Christ. While I personally acknowledge that His birth is nowhere near December, the tradition of owing this holiday to Christ’s incarnation should be reason enough to mark this month with joy and peace.

Merry Christmas!


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