And so this is Christmas…

Christmas can be very stressful at times but I truly missed all the fuss for this year. As I was lying in my bed a while ago I was wondering how time was so fast that I did not realize that it has been a few weeks since Halloween.

I have read somewhere that as you progress in life, you become less aware time with instances where you even lost tracking it. But I think aside from me ultimately beginning to become an adult, the increase in the pace of this world’s affairs also come to play.

Imagine, I just bought a new phone weeks ago but it already is quite outdated (by the looks of what models are available right now). It’s poignant that one aspect that needs to change in adulthood is the feeling of Christmas.

Losing the Feeling

As someone who lives in the Philippines (and subsequently a Christmas-celebrating Christian), I was conditioned to treat the holiday season as a happy season. Kids would often look forward to this celebration and yearn for the gifts. But now, even the kids are not that excited and overt materialism has overcome that special feeling every December.

Are people getting more mature? Are we starting to think practically? Isn’t Christmas a time for accounting the whole year and prepare for the next one in line?

As per my faith, Christmas starts every first Sunday of Advent and this year, it never failed me. But I want my childlike eagerness to celebrate the season back. I want the daydreams, the simple joys, the happy face I bear when I see Santa Claus. Where are they? Is this a sign of adulthood? Or is this the sign of the times?

Getting Depressed

Depression has been given proper attention this 2017 with all the suicide stories and mental health awareness all around. However, what most people don’t know is that Christmas is actually associated with depression and suicide compared to other holidays in the year.

We cannot express all the losses that we had for 2017 plus all the disappointments. Society tells us that Christmas is a happy celebration and most of the time we are forced by societal norms to be happy. This, in turn, leads people to be angry towards the holiday as their woes are not considered by many.

Perhaps a change of perspective will help? It is always OKAY not to be happy and no one must force us to feel otherwise.

Joining the Waves

I’m finishing up this post by the beach, drinking coconut water, listening to the waves. Christmas was yesterday and it was a great one. Maybe I was just too melancholic with everything that’s happening around me.

As much as I would like to force myself to celebrate, I would instead join the waves and let all of this pass. Maybe 2018 would be a better year. We could only hope.

But until then, Merry Christmas.

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