How Medical Schools Can Make You Sick

This blog post is so close to my heart that I immediately remembered my counter-musings about my decision to pursue medicine. Unlike other people, I was late in realizing my desired career path and so, I had numerous hangups along the way.

That is why when I started medicine I was taken aback by what it has for me. Isn’t medicine meant to cure people? Why, then, did I get sick more often when I started this path?

Here are some ways medical schools can make you sick!

Medical schools are expensive!

You will be surprised to know that your childhood dream of wearing a lab gown with a stethoscope would cost even more expensive than your own house! Even with the present program of the government that offers free tuition fees for medical students in return for a number of years in service, you will still need to save up for your books, materials, allowances, and other expenses to cover your needs.

They will leave you with piles of books that might be obsolete in the next decade!

This is not because of portable reading materials! The rise of ebooks did not downplay the need for physical books in medical schools. However, with the fast pace of scientific research, books would often release new editions to compensate for the new findings in science or if their book layout is getting old and boring.

They suck up your social life!

You’ll end up giving more of your time to studying (or looking up at your ceiling feeling empty) than spending them with your friends! You’ll have less time going out with friends or even just buying some of your necessities.

Your immune system will be compromised!

Here is the part that gets so relatable. Since you have less and less sleep, you will probably succumb to the flu then some. Plus the headaches and heartaches that your consultant will probably refer to as psychogenic!

You will miss your family even if you live together!

If you have your own room, you will spend most of your life there because of medical school. If there are no classes, you will even find it hard to soak up under the sun. Sundays can be family days, too, but they are not as good as what you had before. Are you still interested in medical school?

You’ll crave for sleep more often than you expect!

Enough said.

Exams and grades will leave you paranoid!

For me, this was the first time in my whole academic life that I was so concerned with my grades. Most medical schools would have retention policies and even entrance rules are unforgiving. So, you’ll end up forcing yourself to study or if you failed, stand up again.

They will expose you to the reality of the state of medicine in the world!

It never gets more sickening than this! You’ll be surprised to know how the world is faring with their medical woes and situation. In a 2015 report of the World Health Organization, it was found that around 400 million people in the world do not have access to essential health services. This will make you sick but you might be the one to provide the solution to this problem.

You will see sick people!

But if you decided to become a doctor yet still unsure about meeting sick people, you might want to take a step back. Medical schools would provide you with actual patients to guide you in your training. You will experience many of your firsts as a medical practitioner and most of the time, you’ll be sick of knowing the hardships that your patient encounters. Eventually, you’ll be able to overcome these and your experiences could inspire you to be a good doctor someday.

You need to brave all these!

There is a global phenomenon of doctor shortages in the world and it is evident here in the Philippines. According to the Philippines Medical Association, there are approximately 140,000 registered physicians in the country but only 70,000 are practicing. Our country still needs aspiring doctors to serve our countrymen, especially in far-flung areas.

The road towards the MD suffix is a hard and tricky one and it is expected that anyone can and will feel sick. But this is a fruitful road and future doctors what we need in this world.

Here is an infographic by MIMS from–an-analysis :



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